Solving Problems Through Frontier Technologies

About Us

Founded 3 years ago with a vision of establishing and solving complex problems through frontier technologies like drones, virtual reality, data science, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Nepal.

Our geospatial team specializes in conducting challenging Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV) or drone surveys with areas ranging up to 200 sq km, mapping critical infrastructures, and preparing all kinds of maps. Our Information Technology (IT) and Data Analyst team do the integral job of creating dynamic data visualization and analysis systems on the web.
The Civil Engineering team does the core work of design and analysis whereas the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) team blends expertise and channel resilient solutions for communities we work with. What makes our company unique is our core belief and approach that effective, sustainable, and innovative solutions can be devised through the amalgamation of multi-disciplinary skills and expertise. Thus, our focus is to create resilient, sustainable, and progressive communities through a proper blend of GeoSpatial, IT, Civil Engineering, DRR, and most of all Data Analysis.

Drone Surveys

By using UAVs, we are changing the way geo spatial data are collected making it faster, reliable and accurate.

Virtual Reality

By using Virtual Reality (VR), we are changing the way architectural projects are visualized and designed.

Artificial Intelligence

We use AI to solve complex traffic and transport solutions

Data Visualization

Through Data analysis and Visualization, we are empowering informed decision making.


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Surveying and Mapping

We use innovative methods like UAVs to collect data and also provide services of traditional methods like total station surveys.

Software and App Development

Building Digital Tools for Urban Planning, Construction Monitoring and Data Analysis are our core areas of work making us digital by default company.

Traffic and Transport Solutions

We provide AI based solutions to solve complex problems like enforcement of traffic regulations, monitoring speeds, congestion and road safety by using Machine Learning and AI based

Civil Engineering Designs

We have experienced civil engineering team dedicated to provide state of the art engineering designs, cost estimates by using innovative technologies like VR.

Property Valuations

Property Valuations could be tricky if on site condition doesn't get properly verified. Hence, we have integrated drone surveys in the process of property valuations.

Training, Seminars and Workshops

We provide training workshops and seminars on use of different frontier technologies and how it could shape the future. We want to equip the future generations of engineers to use these frontier technologies.


Our Products


Data Palika is a web and app-based portal that municipalities can implement as its geo database allowing authorities to take informed decisions through visualization and analysis of data.

Norms Sansar

Norms Sansar is a free app that has collection of engineering norms, district rates and procurement regulations of government of Nepal making it easier for planners, engineers and policymakers to browse, explore and analyze while planning and designing projects.

Nirman Viewer

It is not possible for stakeholders or public to frequently monitor and visit construction sites. What if we bring the construction site to your desktop and mobile phones. Nirman Viewer through high resolution drone imageries , 3d models, CAD drawing overlayer is here to give you the power of remotely monitoring your construction site.

AI Traffic Count System

Counting traffic according to flow direction and type is a hectic task. We bring to you an AI tool that can be trained for any circumstances to seamlessly count traffic flow in an automatic manner.


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